The world of ZorBuddha

The ZorBuddha project has manifested in the four corners of the world with a number of forms, including tools, workshops, music and articles.

As of August 2013, ZorBuddha as received visitors from 848 cities, 85 countries and 5 continents.

Spread the message and change the world!

ZorBuddha survey

We’ve launched a brief survey to realize people's satisfaction with the project.

Here are some of the answers to the question "For you, in a word or short phrase, ZorBuddha is ..."

... evolution

... a tool that is worth knowing

... elementary in the days we live in

... a lifestyle

... practical, motivating, excellent!

... fantastic!

... tranquility ...

... provides, to the one who really want, a change of heart
- for better

... personal value that can lead to HAPPINESS

... a fast-growing phenomenon,
that helps me to face daily
details of life more positively!

And for you? Send us your opinion!

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