About the program

Want to cultivate your health and happiness? To get a greater sense of well-being, serenity and fulfillment? The answer could not be simpler: based on the knowledge that 40% of our happiness and wellbeing are determined by our behavior, and that each of us is composed of different parts (physical, mental, socio-emotional and spiritual), we’ve designed a program for 24 weeks, with a simple practice each week, to promote your wellbeing and happiness at an integral level and help you flourish at your highest human potential.

The first edition of the program started in September of 2011 and the participants raised their levels of happiness, on average, by 8,7% - see the report here (only in Portuguese). Since then more than 600 people have enrolled in the program, and currently we have two versions available (and ZorBuddha24 ZorBuddha24+), depending on the degree of depth that each person wants to go.

Unfortunately the program is only available in Portuguese language but if we reach the mark of 100 people interested we will develop an english version. Please apply here.


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