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About the author

Vasco believes that a "new world" is possible in organizations. A world where wise and compassionate leaders are really able to "lead from the future as it emerges" as well as to inspire people to flourish into their highest potential, igniting a real evolution in teams and organizations.

With a toolbox filled with "cutting-edge" awareness-based technologies (e.g. Search Inside Yourself, Mindfulness, Integral Model, Presencing, Element-B) his dream is to co-create this future, something that he has been doing in the last 10 years at different organizations and with the general public around the globe.

He is one of the first 30 world certified teachers in the Search Inside Yourself methodology (a Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Program, based on Mindfulness practices and Neuroscience, that was developed and tested at Google) which, in the long run, has the intention to inspire leaders worldwide to become more wise and compassionate and therefore enhancing the conditions for world peace.

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